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Discover Portugal’s Less-Traveled Douro River

Discover Portugal’s Less-Traveled Douro River

If you love river cruising and have been on the more popular rivers in Europe, you will discover a treasure chest of history and culture along Portugal’s less-traveled Douro River. One of the main waterways meandering through the Iberian Peninsula, the Douro runs from north-central Spain through the spectacular landscape of Portugal, passing ancient cities and towns before it calmly arrives in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Porto.

The Douro River in Portugal meanders through green and gorgeous countryside on the way to historic cities.

Famous for their sleek 21st century “Space-Ship” fleet and 5-star all-inclusive luxury experience, Scenic Luxury Cruises is custom-building a brand-new ship, the Scenic Azure, just to navigate the Douro in high style and comfort. Check out Scenic’s signature Free Choice excursion program and all the elegant bells and whistles on the Azure!

  •          1:2 staff-to-guest ratio
  •          96 passengers
  •          balcony suites, high-tech amenities

Between Regua and Pinhao on the “Unforgettable Douro” Scenic Cruise

A few highlights of the Scenic 2016 “Unforgettable Douro” cruise:

  • Historic treasures of the UNEXCO city Porto, including Palacio do Bolsa
  • Entre-os-Rios: the Ducal Palace, the bubbly winery & gardens Quinta Aveleda
  • Regua: Douro Museum; the Baroque town of Lamego, Mateus Palace; Cistercian Monastery of Saint John of Tarouca in the Varosa Valley.

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