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Explore These Beautiful Cities Outside London

If you’re a Londoner then you know just how hectic the city can get. At the end of a busy week, sometimes, all you need is a good change of pace, but when you’re stuck in the thick of it, you can lose sight of what’s out there. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the greatest day trips just outside London. Take a break from the hum of city life and check out these awesome spots.



Brighton is a charming seaside spot with a lively night-life and burgeoning LGBTQ scene. The city has long been a favorite destination for day-trippers around the UK and even the rest of Europe. With its unique boutique stores and cultural hubs like the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, it’s a dream for art lovers. You can then finish off the day at and the iconic steam-punk inspired pubs.

Bournemouth and Dorset


Take a trip to this enchanting city filled with Gothic Revival architecture. This holiday haven is also home to some of the most adrenaline-pumping activities. Less into that? You can relax on the beach and gaze at the scenic waters. If you’re in need of more, a 30-minute will take you to Lulworth Cove, an ancient site strewn with fossils.



This city once served as a trading hub for the Vikings, attracting merchants from surrounding areas, which is why it has an amazing network of rivers, as well as access to the sea. Today, it’s well known for its prestigious university, its plethora of museums, and its exquisite architecture. Of course, the historical richness adds to the charm.



When it comes to history, you can’t quite compete with Bath. The city even got its name from the Romans, who built these…baths in 70 AD. The Roman ruins that are actually still filled with water attract hoards of tourists to this day. Looking to break away from Roman ruins? Enjoy the breathtaking city views at the modern Thermae Bath Spa. There you can soak up in a natural hot spring while you marvel at the scenery.

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