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Plan Every Outfit Perfectly with This Packing Hack

A woman places her clothes on top of one another, and then rolls them up.

If you’re the type of person who has to empty their entire suitcase to find the perfect vacation outfit, you’re not alone. However, there is a way to fix the issue and prevent your hotel room from looking like a dorm room.

Instagram content creator @makelifesimpler_ has a packing hack that will keep all of your outfits together in an organized bundle that makes choosing a look simple.

In their video, the creator begins by laying down the largest piece of clothing first—in the first outfit, it’s a sweater—and then stacking the pieces until the smallest is on top. Then, when stacked, they fold the pieces inward to create a neat vertical fold and roll up the outfit. The creator repeats the process several times before showing all of the rolled-up outfits neatly placed into a suitcase.

When you want a certain look, grab the correct role, and you’re good to go.

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The hack will help keep your outfits together, but if you’re looking to add items like shoes, bathing suits, or different types of undergarments, you might want to add packing cubes to your suitcase as well. Think of the packing accessory as drawer organizers but for your suitcase. They come in multiple sizes, and you pack each one with the types of items you want and then add them into your carry-on or checked bag. When you get to your destination, simply pull out the cube you need.

The next time you’re headed on a trip and need a few outfits, this packing hack will help keep things organized, and if you need a little extra room, check out these tips for maximizing your space.

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