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The Most Sustainable Cities Around the Globe

These days, more and more people are becoming attentive to their effect and impact on our planet. It has changed our consumer habits, our eating habits, it’s even changed the way we travel. People have begun ditching their long-haul flights in hopes of reducing their carbon footprint on our planet. That being said, you don’t have to give up all of your travel destinations quite yet. There are many sustainable cities around the globe, which means you can travel with half the guilt. We’ve put together a short list of the most sustainable cities around the world that you can visit.

Stockholm – Sweden

If you’ve ever thought about traveling to Sweden, we hope Stockholm is a part of your travel plan. Stockholm has the most eco-hotels globally, which is the exact reason we think it’s the perfect sustainability vacation spot. All of the household waste in Stockholm is recycled, and you’ll quickly notice that cycling has become an integral part of the Swedish lifestyle.


Bristol – United Kingdom

There are so many marvelous cities to visit while in the UK, but when it comes to sustainability, Bristol is by far one of the most progressive. As the center for much of the renewable energy, Bristol has also become the country’s pacesetter for vegan food, local shops and has focused energy on preserving nature.

San Francisco – United States

San Francisco is often seen as one of the more tech-savvy cities, but this progress also makes it one of the most sustainable. The city is making an effort to become waste-free, and the city’s residents are embracing a more local and organic lifestyle and aim to use renewable energy.


Vancouver – Canada

Vancouver prides itself on having the great outdoors in its backyard, so it may not surprise you that it’s also all about sustainability. The city is all about keeping the planet as clean and green as possible; it had the lowest per-head greenhouse gas emissions in the whole of North America!

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