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Christmas in Japan How To Celebrate It

Christmas in Japan is a joyous occasion. Because the country has few Christians, none of the religious overtones connected with Christmas has been transferred over from the West, and it is not a national holiday. Many of the items usually associated with Christmas, such as festive trees in shopping malls, Christmas markets, and LED lights, as well as a few distinctive Japanese customs, make an appearance.

Strawberry Shortcake is Delicious

A light and spongy Japanese strawberry shortcake with whipped cream filling and icing is less sweet than other cake toppers. In Japan, this dessert is known as “Christmas Cake” (but it’s also famous for birthdays) and is a beautiful way to spend time with family and friends throughout the holiday season.

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Visit A Holiday Market

Throughout the winter season, Japan holds European-style Christmas markets from  Kyushu to Hokkaido. From exquisite tree decorations to hot cider, you’ll find it all here. Try the Tokyo Christmas Market, which is sponsored by the German Tourism Association and the German Embassy and has a really European feel. Hibiya Park is open daily from December 16th to 25th.

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Chicken is Delicious in Japan

Thanks to their memorable tagline and marketing effort, Kentucky Fried Chicken has become a Christmas tradition in Japan since the 1970s. Pre-ordering meals for the week before Christmas is widespread, and it’s certainly the busiest time of year for the fast-food behemoth.

Visit a Store

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of holiday shopping, and Christmas decorations aren’t uncommon at Japanese malls. Traditional trees, decorations, and commodities for sale geared at the Christmas consumer may be seen in most large malls and department shops around this time of year, particularly in major cities.

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Gifts are Exchanged

On Christmas Eve, it’s become customary for couples to give presents, but it’s unusual for anybody else. Because Christmas is not a Japanese tradition, exchanging presents for the holiday is likewise not customary. This might be because Japan already has a December gift exchange custom, oseibo, in which employees share presents. For the New Year, a much larger thing in Japan, presents are more regularly exchanged.

Admire Illuminations for Christmas

One of Japan’s favorite methods to commemorate the winter season is with illuminations. Winter illumination displays may be seen at significant malls like Tokyo Midtown, public parks such as Inokashira, and well-known monuments like Tokyo Station. Like those along the Roppongi Sakurazaka, outdoor strolls are particularly popular with couples at this time of year.

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Attend Disney’s Holiday Parade

In December, Tokyo Disney presents its annual Christmas parades. It has everything a Christmas parade should have, from colorful costumes and music to candy handouts and even a visit from Santa Claus himself. Tokyo Disney is a favorite date destination for couples on Christmas Eve, as well as a terrific venue for families with children.

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