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The Best Travel Soap Cases

A hand puts a soap case with a bar of soap in it into a toiletries bag.

Buying Guide for Travel Soap Cases

Why buy a travel soap case?

The truth is that a used bar of soap will leave behind residue inside your travel bag. However, soap is a necessary item in your toiletries case. Preserve it and keep it from making a mess by storing it in a special case. With a travel soap case, you won’t have to rely on hotel soap (or worse, go without it). You can bring your own favorite soap with you to save money and remain hygienically self-sufficient.

What should you look for in travel soap cases?

  • Size: Do you like to travel as light as possible? Go for a smaller case and a smaller bar of soap. Or, do you need a big bar of soap for a longer trip? Find a more accommodating case. Think about your specific needs and buy accordingly.
  • Shape: Not every travel soap case is the same because not every bar of soap is the same. You ultimately just want to make sure that your soap fits inside the case you decide to purchase.

Most soap cases are very low priced. Can you expect there to be quality issues?

Not at all. In fact, despite the budget-friendly prices of most travel soap cases, they are incredibly reliable and resistant to damage. Some of the high-quality materials used to construct these cases include high-grade plastic, silicone, and more. Their affordability just makes them more likable and worth the purchase. They’re simple yet highly convenient travel accessories that won’t break the bank.

Our Picks for the Best Travel Soap Cases

Pros: These two premium cases offer optimal protection for your soap thanks to durable plastic with anti-slip properties. Because the cases are so compact, you can store one inside your purse or travel bag easily. You won’t have to worry about soap getting all over your belongings, either. A purchase here comes with mesh soap saver bags to help you preserve your bar.

Cons: It has a tendency to trap moisture on the inside.

Bottom Line: These cases are handy accessories to store your soap while at the public pool, traveling across the world, or in the gym. They’re a sturdy and reliable option for many.


Pros: This portable and leakproof case consists of a silicone band that wraps around the case entirely, ensuring your soap is secure inside. It comes equipped with a special sponge, too; once you place your soap inside the case, the sponge will keep it dry so that bacteria can’t grow or thrive and so that you won’t have to deal with mushy soap!

Cons: The sponge inside of the case isn’t perfect. In other words, you can still expect your soap to degrade somewhat and become a little soggy—such is the nature of wet soap.

Bottom Line: This soap case comes with a special sponge that will help preserve your soap better than most. Its silicone band also ensures the lid won’t budge.


Pros: This simple yet innovative case is sturdy, easy to keep clean, leakproof, and suitable for most bars of soap. The design focuses on preventing your soap from degrading or undergoing physical damage by elevating it from the bottom of the case that typically collects water. In addition to receiving two travel soap cases, you have six color options to choose from.

Cons: This case will get messy from time to time on the inside, which will require you to clean it out. It doesn’t provide an airtight seal.

Bottom Line: This case is incredibly reliable when it comes to preserving your favorite bar of soap while traveling, preventing you from having to keep replenishing your supply. It ensures that your soap will retain its fragrance so that you can smell good wherever you go.


Pros: This travel soap case is durable with a secure latch that keeps your soap safely contained. It’s made of recycled plastic and has a curved top lid to fit curved bars of soap.

Cons: This is another soap case that doesn’t provide an airtight seal. It comes in four colors, but you don’t get to pick which one you want.

Bottom Line: Whether you are an avid gym-goer or world traveler, this soap case is a viable option for showers away from home.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a travel soap case, consider your individual needs to determine one that will work for you. Chances are good that one of these picks will serve you well through many camping trips, pool days, weekend getaways, gym visits, or business trips.

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