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London’s Hippest Neighborhoods You’ve Never Heard About

London is a classic destination for those who love urban vacations. With its amazing plays and musicals, free museums and shopping streets, London has something to offer for everyone and it is the kind of city you can never get enough of. When visiting London, many just stick to Oxford Street, London Eye, and Buckingham Palace, but London has neighborhoods and sites nobody talks about. From Peckham to Brixton, here are neighborhoods you have to visit next time you are in the swinging city.

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If you asked anyone about this neighborhood a few decades ago, you’d be told to stay out of it. Peckham was known as a sketchy place, with crime in each and every corner. Today, the neighborhood is considered fresh and young. This place has a booming art scene, as well as chic coffee shops. While Peckham has no famous attractions, it is an area people come to in order to soak in the community’s spirit and culture. Art lovers can visit The Bussey Building which is a warehouse with galleries and live music.

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Just like Peckham, Shoreditch used to be a slum. Today, it is the center of London’s alternative nightlife. The area has anything from shopping to restaurants and bars. One of Shoreditch’s main streets, Brick Lane, is known for having great coffee and bagels. The street also hosts some of London’s best clubs and vintage clothing stores. If you’re a fan of graffiti you have to visit Shoreditch! It has lots, and we mean lots of graffiti.

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Brixon is in the center of South London. It is a great place for food lovers since it offers top-class international food. No matter which cuisine is your favorite, you’ll probably be able to find a great restaurant that specializes in it. If you are truly looking for an adventure, you could try and visit Pop Brixton, a village in Brixon made out of shipping containers. The village has a market where you can find vintage clothing and brewed beer. If you want to breathe some fresh air after being inside shipping containers you can visit the nearby Brockwell Park.

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